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"My worst experience was with ------------ Paris. They signed me but said right from the start that I should loose weight.

Back then, they were my mother agency.

I was only 19 years old and freshly out of school. They were my first agency and I didnt know what would await me.

I signed even though they were not happy with my measurements (82-61-92), they hated my hips.

They would literally grab my (almost non existent) body fat on my hips and squeeze it and say 'THIS needs to disappear!' and for the next year, they would...

Measure me EVERYTIME. They would no longer send me to castings but keep me in Paris for +6weeks just so I could pay the apartment. Of course I was in minus after a time and whenever they measured me, they would hold the band behind my back so I wouldn't see how much I d actually measure and they would tell me how I gained +5Kg which was not true!! I don't gain weight that fast, in fact I don't gain easily at all. They d yell at me in front of the whole booker team and models! They told me, I should start smoking or other drugs to slim my baby-face!

They told me, I d look ugly in pictures etc..it was really bad how they treated me!

And in the End I stoppped the contract and they wanted to make me pay the minus which clearly isn't right, since it's their investment in me and hence their risk if I dont get jobs. Anyways how would I have made jobs if the didn't send me to castings??

I never send them any money of course!"